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Learn how to overcome the challenges that hold you back and produce lasting change in your life.


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One-on-One Coaching

There are two kinds of people in this world: the people who are looking for personal growth and those who are not. If you fall into the first category, you’ve come to the right place. Now it’s a matter of determining how a personal growth coach like Dr. Peg can help you to take authority over your mindset and limiting beliefs so you can move into a new season in your life, improve your performance, and advance to your next level.


Perhaps, like many of Dr. Peg’s clients you have an outward appearance of having it “all together,” but on the inside you’re feeling:



because you lack direction and purpose in your life[/fade] 



of feeling left behind due to fear or anxiety[/fade]



because your mental or creative blockages hold you back[/fade]


that life isn’t where you envisioned it would be[/fade]


in a never-ending loop of procrastination[/fade]


 How You’ll Benefit from One-on-One Coaching:

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Renewed Motivation, Confidence + Focus

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Clarity + Insight About Your Mindset + Emotional Barriers

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Set Goals + Customize Your Roadmap with Proven Strategies

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Unbiased Sounding Board with Actionable Feedback

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Support + Accountability for Improving in Specific Areas of Life


[fade]One-on-One Coaching:[/fade]

  • [fade]May address specific personal challenges, life balance, job performance and satisfaction, or general conditions in your life, business, and relationships

  • Helps you to identify and reach your goals and increase performance using efficient, effective, and customized coaching methodologies  

  • Incorporates appropriate secular and spiritual approaches, psychological science, and relevant best-practice tools and techniques 

  • Takes place in laser-focused, 30-minute sessions, conveniently over-the-phone[/fade]


Are You Ready to Become Your Best Self Through One-on-One Coaching?