Your Mindset + Habits are the Keys to Your Success

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Dr. Peg is a Clinical Psychologist, Speaker, Author, and Results-Oriented Personal Growth Coach


With over two and a half decades of experience in clinical psychology, mental health, and personal development, Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke (“Dr. Peg”) brings proven and practical behavior change strategies to the forefront of self-improvement. As a keynote speaker and results-oriented personal growth coach, Dr. Peg focuses on uncovering the mental and behavioral roadblocks that limit individuals from achieving their personal potential. From depression and anxiety, to goal-setting and productivity challenges, Dr. Peg works with clients through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, webinars, and full-day personal retreats.

Combining revelatory coaching methodology, strategic insight, and individualized attention, Dr. Peg teaches you how to transform your mindset and habits so that you can adopt consistent, purposeful behaviors that lead to lasting change.


Transform the habits that hold you back and do something different for a change. 


Dr. Peg in the Media

Recognized for her unique blend of expertise and experience in mental health, safety, behavior change, and personal growth, Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke is a frequent commentator for local and national television, radio, newspaper, and internet news outlets. Dr. Peg also hosted and co-produced the television talk show, Perspectives, (KAGE), appeared as a weekly expert panelist for four years on Denver’s 9NEWS Morning Show (NBC affiliate), and is host and producer of the popular, long-running radio broadcast, Living Well with Dr. Peg.


Dr. Peg’s Core Values

These five core values embody the personality, spirit, and dedication of Dr. Peg. They are her line in the sand and keep her work focused on doing what’s right


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