Getting Ready for The New Year: The Power of a Personal Retreat


Ready. Set. Go!


We’re off and running after an awesome time at my most recent Personal Retreat.

2018 Small Group Retreat

2018 Small Group Retreat


We experienced a powerful day of reflection, refocus, planning, and strategy using my Do Something Different For a Change personal transformation curriculum.


And we celebrated our clarity and renewed commitment to going to the next level with a champagne toast.


Here’s what recent participants had to say about this life-changing Small Group Personal Retreat:


“I came to the retreat to get back on track. The goal setting portion of the retreat was excellent for me because I have some strategies now. I know what I need to do. I received exactly what I need to move forward.”

“I came to the retreat to be revitalized again and to come into a sense of regaining purpose and direction. God has put me on a different course, and he’s told me some things the last few months that have been confirmed today. What I’m taking away from today is to embrace this new beginning. I have gained strategies to go forward and embrace the change along this journey.” 

“If you are looking for a breakthrough in any area of your life, or if you have a goal or desire or something that you have been stagnated or stuck in, this retreat will help you break through that stagnation and being stuck.”

“There’s so many things that I’ve done over the years, and to be quite honest, I can’t really say that I’ve seen serious fruit, but I’m talking about some serious fruit as a result of this retreat.”


Learn how to plan and effectively prepare for the changes you want and need in 2019 by attending a Small Group or Private Individual Personal Retreat.

2016 New Year’s Eve Small Group Retreat

2016 New Year’s Eve Small Group Retreat


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