Depression Toolkit


Depression and other mental disorders affect millions of Americans. Check out the Depression Toolkit, an online resource created by experts from the University of Michigan Depression Center. The Depression Toolkit offers help to people who are experiencing problems with mood, problems with stress/anxiety, those who have been recently diagnosed with depression or bipolar disorder, and those receiving treatment for mood disorders. The Toolkit also offers help to family members and caregivers of those who suffer from mood disorders, and all people who wish to understand bipolar illnesses, depressions, and related disorders. The toolkit provides information, tools, support, and resources to guide you or a loved one through your mental health journey.

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I’m Not Feeling Well

This section of the Toolkit provides information about depression and related disorders as well as various treatment options to help you feel better.

Note: If you need help immediately, call the toll-free National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to be connected with a trained counselor at a crisis center in the the U.S. 



I Want to Stay Mentally Healthy

This section of the toolkit provides tips and strategies for adopting a healthy lifestyle, managing your mood, and staying healthy.



I Want to Support Someone

This section of the toolkit includes tips on how to support someone you know and how to support yourself in the process.



I Want to Be a Mental Health Advocate

This section of the toolkit includes information on fighting stigma, raising awareness, supporting others, and participating in mental health research.



I’m Looking For More Resources

This section of the toolkit includes helpful mental health websites and resources, self-assessment tools, fact sheets and charts to learn more and track your treatment progress.



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