Equity + Inclusion 101: Addressing Implicit Bias + Microaggressions


Racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination and prejudice toward marginalized and underrepresented groups are pervasive in our society and sometimes manifest as implicit bias and microaggressions. Implicit biases and microaggressions have a negative impact on educational and workplace performance and psychological well-being and should be the subject of an open and honest dialogue in all organizations and environments. This workshop examines implicit biases and microaggressions and relates real world examples. Participants will reflect on the implicit biases and microaggressions that they may have experienced themselves as well as expressed towards others and will leverage their increased awareness and understanding to respond effectively when interacting with others.


2 to 4 hours


 Can be customized for K12 schools, higher education institutions, the workplace, or government, community, and faith-based organizations.

Matthew Callahan