Violence Prevention 101: Identifying + Responding to Indicators of Potential Violence


Now more than ever, increased awareness and relevant training on how to respond to different types of emergencies are essential in today’s environment. Violence is a byproduct of the interaction between the physical setting, triggering conditions, and individual factors. We can assess and mitigate risk by recognizing indicators of potential violence and selecting appropriate and proportional responses to them. This workshop explains the pathway to violence model, identifies indicators of potential violence and “behaviors of concern,” dispels the myths and stereotypes that get in the way of taking appropriate action, and clarifies options for responding to concerning, threatening, and dangerous behaviors.


2 to 6 hours


Can be customized for K12 schools, higher education institutions, the workplace, or government, community, and faith-based organizations.   

Can be combined with Safety 101: Active Shooter Response + Recovery

Matthew Callahan